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(1944 - 1993)

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Eugene Chernyatin was born in 1944 in Moscow, Russia and started his art education in 1956 working in a well known art studio for talented young artists.
In 1960, he was accepted into the V. Surikov Moscow State Art University and pursued his degree in the Graphic Arts Department. There, he studied under the tutelage of Professor V. Degtiyrev. Surikov University still preserves Chernatin’s sketches and portraits as examples of their student’s best work. Chernatin graduated in 1966.
In 1970, he was admitted as a member of the Union of Professional Artists. His first art show took place in 1963 and since then, he exhibited twice a year at the Union’s renowned spring and fall art shows.
He illustrated over 30 books for children and adolescents, one of which was selected as Book of the Year (“Don’t cry Amanita” in 1978). His paintings can be found in museums in Russia and other countries that were part of the former Soviet Union as well as in numerous private collections throughout the world: Japan, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.
In 1978 he was elected a member of the Commission for Conservation of Architecture and National Monuments.
Starting in 1985 he was an active member of the First Democratic Party and devoted a lot of energy to changing the political system in Russia.
In 1989, Chernatin was elected Senator in the first Moscow Democratic Government, and was appointed Chairman of Moscow’s Commission of Historic Architectural Milieu, while continuing his career as an artist.
He died in October, 1993 as an effect of the bombing of the Russian Government Building best known as the Russian White House.
He was one of the Russian people who were brave enough to stand up and fight for democratic values while the country was under communist regime, and sacrifice his talent and his life to the tragic process known as“ Time Change”.


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