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(1954 - )

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N. Kozuhovsky was born in Kiev in 1954.

1972 Graduates from Art school in Kiev, Ukraine
1978 Graduates from Kiev Art University
1983 –1999 Lives and works in Moscow, Russia
1986 Member of Union of Professional Artists
1994 Member of International Art Foundation
1995 to 1998 Participates in Exhibitions in various German Cities.
1997 Exhibitions of 850th Anniversary of Moscow.
1998 “Kopella”. St, Petersburg
1998 Hotel “Savoy”, Moscow
1999 – present: Lives and works in Paris, France
1999 Gallery Rossetti. Nice, France
1999-2003 Annual Exhibitions in Hotel “Negresco” Nice, France.
2000 “Forum Nice Nord” Nice, France.
2002 Pushkin Art Center. Luxemburg
2002 Trier

2002 Russian Club “Malevich” Paris, France.
2003 Levens (Maison du portal)
2004 Paris (CLCR)
2004 Nice (Institut Franco-Russe)
2005 Nice (Croix Rouge Russe - Avenue de Caravadossi)
2005 Carnoless Roquebrune Cap Martin
2005 Yport (Salle Mairie)
2006 Nice (40 Rue de la Buffa)
2006 Paris (Hopital Broca - 54 Rue Pascal)
2006 Paris (Rue Daubenton)
2006 Portbail
2006 Hotel Vista Palace (Roquebrune)

2006 Grasse, Palais des congres
2006 Mairie de Nice
2006 Espace Associations Garibalidi, Nice
2007 Palais de l'Europe, Menton
2007 Associations Peintres du Marais (Paris)
2007 Hotel Dieu, Paris
2007 Auron
2007 Carnoless Roquebrune Cap Martin
2007 Hopital Broca, Paris

Nikolai is an artist of ancient architectonic ensembles, archaic charm of Russian Villages and loves above all, nature. He specializes in floral and landscape subjects and does not care much for artificial floral arrangements to which he prefers very simple and natural bouquets in which he rarely mixes species, unless they are set in separate vases. He arranges harmonious bouquets of lilacs, Lilly of the valley, forget-me-nots, asters, peonies, jasmine, and daisies using most often an off-white backdrop, or roses: just one or two with long stems. Usually, they are flowers that have peaked and you can already detect the first signs of wilting which gives them a slight nostalgic look.
They look as if they were delicately placed in a vase and forgotten. The nostalgia of times gone past, also transpires from some of the still lifes where the samovar and small porcelain decorated with traditional Russian blue are reminiscent of old times.
He also likes to evoke birch forests with their whitish tree bark, which lend themselves well to painting and allow the imagination to weave between the trees through the warmly colored underbrush.
The talent of the artist is also evident in his renderings of towns, churches and monasteries with their steeples and bell towers.
Since 1999, Nikolai lives and works in Paris, France. His private shows are held twice a year in numerous French cities. His paintings are always appreciated by
art collectors who like traditional impressionism and combination of Russian and French cultural themes
and spirit.

His paintings can be found in private collections in: Russia, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Luxemburg and the USA.



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