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Full Member of Russian Art Academy

(1937 - )

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Born in 1937 in Artomovesk, Russia.

Graduated in 1956 from Saratov Art College. Moved to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1957 and studied under master B.V. Yagonson in the Repin Art Institute. Graduated in 1963.
Continued his education for 2 additional years at the Repin Art Academy under master V.M. Oreshnikov.
Was admitted as a member of the Union of Professional
Artists in 1966.
Became a full member of the Academy of Science and Fine Art in 1997.
Since 1964, participated in all St. Petersburg bi-annual exhibitions organized by the Union of Professional Artists.
Over the last 35 years, participated in exhibitions throughout Russia and other European countries.
His art can be found in many Russian museums. Also, his works are part of private collections in France, Germany, Norway, England, Poland, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Africa, and the United States.
His style is primarily impasto, applying heavy layers of oil paint to canvas. This creates a depth to the painting which is enhanced by lighting. One year of drying is required before the painting is complete.


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