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(1960 - )

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Exhibitions: Moscow Exhibition of Young Artists, XV, XVII, Moscow; 1987 Uniskait Galerie, Baden-Baden; 1988 All-Union Young Artists' Exhibition, Moscow; 1988 Soviet Art, Helsinki; 1988 Russian Avanteguarde, Brussels; 1988 "Eros and Erotica", Moscow; ART MIF 1, Moscow; KUNST EUROPA, Bacharach; Neues Labyrinth, Cologne; "Nostalgia," Moscow; "New Generation of Russian Artist." Washington, D.C.; "Carneval," Moscow; "Art Manege '96, International Art Fair, XX Century Art," Moscow.

Collections:The Tatiana Kolodzei Collection, Moscow, Russia; The Christian Keesee Collection of New Russian Art, USA; Oklahoma City Museum, Oklahoma City, USA; The BFG Bank Collection, Frankfurt; The Stolichniy Bank Collection of Russian Art, Moscow, Russia; The Moscovia Bank Collection of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; The Baronessa Dreyfus Collection, Zurich, Switzerland; The Collection of the Russian Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia; Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Jersey City, USA; Museum of New Russian Art, Vladivostok, Russia; Museum of Russian Graphics and Sculpture, Riga, Latvia; Russian Contemporary Art, The Collection of Lis Janstrup; The Collection of Alex Levin, USA; The Collection of Elena Marx, USA



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