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(1922 - 2001)

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Born in 1922 in the village of Marinovo near Odessa, Ukraine.

Before the second World War, Victor entered the university of Novorosysk and studied physics and mathematics.
In 1942, served in the Russian army as an aviation technical assistant.
After the death of many pilots, he became a pilot himself. He was injured and spent many months recuperating in a hospital. It was at this time that he started to paint.
After the war, he started his formal art education in Odessa Art Technical School.

1949, he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia and attended Stat Art Academy (named after I. Repin) and graduated in 1955.

Because of his wartime experiences, many of his works were devoted to war heroes and manual laborers. Victor's style can be described as Socialist Realism.

His art can be found in many museums in Russia and other countries.

Public Collections:

Museum of Modern Art - Grennon, Denmark
Robb House - Karl Fruea, Germany

Victor's paintings are part of private collections in Denmark, Germany, Japan, England,
and the United States. And much more.

A book about life of Victor Reichet is available in Russian and German Languages. An English language edition is planned for 2007.


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