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(1948 - )

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Gennady Rogozny is best known for his landscapes of Russia and other countries where he has traveled. He also finds inspiration in still life with a vivid and vibrant combination of colors and carefully selected compositions. His paintings can be found in private and government art collections and adorn the walls of many houses and around the world. His painting style is predominately impasto, the application of heavy layers of oil on canvas. After the last layer is applied, there is a one-year drying period before the painting is completed.
Gennady Rogozny was born in 1948 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
In 1967, he completed his studies in St. Petersburg Art College.
He became a member of the Union of Professional Artists in 1975.
Since 1971, he has taken part in art exhibitions across Russia and abroad. In addition to Russia, his works are shown in Düsseldorf and Munich - Germany, Geneva and Zurich –Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, Finland, Latvia, Canada, and the USA



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