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(1946 - )

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The source of Nikolai’s inspiration is in his conscious acceptance of the absolute laws of the Universe, his striving to establish and consolidate the principal of each individual’s perfection as the only means of attaining the harmony of cosmic being. The artist is closely examining the paths of Oriental and Occidental wisdom. In his work he merges philosophy and art, for in human perception, he believes the immediate experience of reality is inseparable from a search for its deep-rooted source.
Viewing the artist’s works, one will repeatedly turn to musings upon the meaning of life, on one’s place in life and on the path to spiritual betterment that lies ahead.

Born in 1946 in the village of Shugosero Russia.
In 1975, graduated from Higher School of Design & Applied Arts named after Muchina.

Participated in exhibitions
1988 Gabrovo - Bulgaria
1989 Glenkoe - USA
1991 Punkahare –Finland
1992 Awarded first and third prizes respectively for graphic works and
paintings at an international festival of fine art in
San-Ingbert, Germany.
1993 Hamburg, Berlin, Aachen - Germany.
1993 Stuttgart, Grenzach-Willen –Germany.
1990 Admitted to the St. Petersburg Professional Union of Artists.

Public Collections
St. Petersburg - Russian Museum, Pushkin Memorial
Museum, and State Museum of St. Petersburg.
Pskov - the Kremlin Museum.
Archangelsk Region - the Solovetski Museum-Preserve.
Archangelsk - the Regional Museum of Fine Arts.
Novgorod - Kremlin Museum.
Ryazan - Regional Museum of Fine Arts.


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